These 8 U.S. Charities Need Your Donations

Every hour in America, someone goes hungry or sleeps on the street due to a lack of resources. The need is great, yet others people all throughout our nation have stepped up time and again for their neighbors in crisis.

Americans are no strangers to charitable giving, and each year billions are donated to charities tackling everything from child poverty to animal welfare. These organizations are all vital to ensuring every person in the United States has access to equal rights and an equal chance to succeed. Here are some of the best charities to donate to today and every day. 

Feeding America

Feeding America is an organization dedicated to ensuring that no one goes hungry in the United States. This is a lofty goal, yet Feeding America doesn’t shy away from the challenge and instead has delivered over 5 billion meals via its myriad of food programs. Beyond its regular operations, Feeding America also steps in when disaster strikes and provides critical food resources to Americans in need. Donations to Feeding America go directly toward purchasing food and supplies and more meals for more deserving people. 


American Red Cross

Mr. Rogers once said in times of trouble, look for the helpers. The volunteers at the American Red Cross have been the helpers since 1881, running into disaster to provide critical resources and administer care to all. The foundation has remained true to the roots Clara Barton planted and has served millions of individuals caught up in disaster every day since its inception. In the time it’ll take you to read this article, the American Red Cross will have responded to another emergency. The American Red Cross seeks your donations of money, time, blood, and plasma to continue its lifesaving work. 


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

The last thing families of children with cancer should be worrying about is how they’re going to pay for the medical bills. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital treats children regardless of their family’s ability to pay and families with a child in St. Jude’s care never receive a bill for their child’s treatment. While caring for children who are sick, St. Jude also devotes its resources to researching cures and treatments in the hopes of creating a world where no child has to suffer. Consider donating to St. Jude to restore a child’s help and hope. 


The Salvation Army

You might hear Salvation Army volunteers ringing a bell during the holidays, But you should know that this organization needs to help year-round. The Salvation Army is one of America’s oldest and largest charitable foundations, and its reach extends to over 25 million Americans each year. This charity has helped people in many tangible ways, whether that’s providing shelter after a disaster, food after a job loss, or clothing after escaping domestic violence. The Salvation Army uses donated funds to continue its mission at home and around the world.


Ronald McDonald House Charities

Not only does that Big Mac taste good, but it also does good for children undergoing medical treatments. Ronald McDonald houses are a lifeline for families with sick children who live far away from the hospital. Families can stay in Ronald McDonald House while their child is accessing care and rest assured that they have a safe convenient place to stay while they focus on their little one’s health. Thanks to donations from people like you these families can stay at a Ronald McDonald house at little to no cost. Ronald McDonald programs also include free meals, recreational activities, and sibling support.


American Heart Association

You might not think about your heart every day, but rest assured that your heart is always working for you. Unfortunately, some people’s hearts don’t work properly and that’s where the American Heart Association comes in to provide support and resources for those with heart-related medical conditions. The organization raises awareness for heart disease and dedicates itself to helping others learn the signs and symptoms of potential heart issues. Funding provided to the American Heart Association goes toward finding a cure and toward providing CPR education to the public. 

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UNICEF USA is a charitable organization devoted to the most important cause of all: children. As children at home and around the world experience conflict and hardship beyond their control, UNICEF comes along to provide protection and support to them and their families. In addition to rushing emergency relief to children, UNICEF USA also works behind the scenes to create a better everyday life for children through initiatives such as the Child Friendly Cities Initiative and Kids In Need of Desks (KIND). UNICEF USA is able to carry out its mission thanks to generous donations and support from people all across the country. 


Goodwill Industries

You might not think twice about throwing that shirt in the Goodwill donation bin, but for someone in need, it could just be the blessing they need to keep going. Goodwill Industries operates stores and resource centers where people can shop for donated, discounted items. Goodwill accepts donations of new and gently used clothing and other necessities at their many donation centers throughout the country. And Goodwill can help with more than just clothing! Another vital piece of this organization’s work is assisting people with job placement and employment training so they have the ability to provide for themselves. 

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